Highlander Fallen by Rebecca Preston

This is more of an adventure story than a romantic one. Karin, an assistant lab technician at the CDC, has a car accident on her way home from work on a day she had a fight with her ex, and when she comes to she finds herself in Scotland, in the 15th century. The man who finds her was married to a woman who looked exactly like her, and was scientific like her. William decided to become a priest after losing his wife and child, but had recently had a change of heart and come home. There are others that came from the future at the castle, each replacing a relative, and marrying their spouse. Karin isn't interested in replacing William's wife, so she tries to avoid him. One day she was out riding and found that the local village is closed because too many of the people were sick, so she throws herself into discovering what is causing the illness, and what she can do to help. William happens to be an alchemist so he also is tryin to help, which has them working together to find a solution. Eventually she softens towards him, and he charms his way into her heart. An intriguing storyline and interesting characters make this a great read.
I received a complimentary copy of this book from the author. This is my honest and voluntary opinion of it.


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