The Key In The Loch by Blanche Dabney

This is creepy, suspenseful, fascinating and entertaining. It's a cross between a romance novel and a Stephen King book. It would make an interesting movie. Cam is fierce, brave, protective and not easily shocked. Rachel is a vulnerable, naive, caring and sweet woman who has been mentally and physically abused her whole life. Her brother is an unfeeling jerk who likes to mess with her. He calls to remind her about their adoptive mother's funeral two hours before the funeral, claiming that he sent an email, then accused her of trying to steal his inheritance when she went. Right before he called she received a package, a locked box with no key. She happens to find a key in her room at her mother's house when she's there after the funeral. When she gets back home she uses the key to unlock the box, inside is a necklace. When she puts it on and closes her hand around the pendant, she finds herself in the past in Cam's bedroom. When Cam wakes up and finds her there, he has no problem accepting her story. The clan thinks she's part of a prophecy and wants to sacrifice her, Cam feels the need to protect her. Then the story gets creepy and intense, with a few twists it makes for an intriguing story.
I received a complimentary copy of this book from Booksprout. This is my honest and voluntary opinion of it.


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