Finding Grey by Rebecca Raine

This is romantic, intense, heartbreaking and sweet. Dante is the man his father made, a troublemaker, drag addict and straight. But he's not really any of those things. He's a bi-sexual, vulnerable and unhappy man who fell for a boy he met when he was 17. Sean is a broken hearted gay man who fell for the boy who gave him his first kiss. Lied to, manipulated and controlled, Dante tries to reach out to the boy with the grey eyes, but his father prevents it. 8 years go by and Dante finds himself burned out and needing some peace, so he goes to a very private retreat for musicians. Which happens to be owned by Sean's father, and run by Sean. It's not exactly a happy reunion, but eventually they get their past straightened out and have a happily ever after relationship.
I received a copy of this book from Candid Book Reviews and am voluntarily and honestly reviewing it.


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