A Wicked Earl's Widow by Aubrey Wynne

This is a romantic, dramatic, heartbreaking and suspenseful story. Nate is kind, charming, chivalrous and protective. Eliza is vulnerable, strong, determined and brave. When Eliza's father demands that she marry his business partner, or he's going to beat her mother, she asks her in-laws to raise her daughter because she doesn't want to subject her to any abuse. They say no and spirit her away instead of giving in. Nate rescues her from a footpad by his home, even though it was the footpad who needed saving by the time he got there, and brings her there instead of letting them continue. A change of plan, a precocious child and new feelings for both Nate and Eliza complicates the issue, and a few twists force them to face the future. It's maddening reading about what Eliza's father does to her mother, but it's made such an impact on her life that it can't be glossed over. It's very interesting and suspenseful.
I received a complimentary copy of this book from Hidden Gems. This is my honest and voluntary opinion of it.


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