Redemption by Anna Markland

This storyline has so much angst, adversity, triumph and love. Caedmon was raised to be a proud, loyal Saxon, but he struggles to find his way in a land that is not his own. That is how he finds himself witnessing the slaughter of a Saxon family, which causes even more confusion. He keeps fighting with those who perpetrated the crime, until he almost dies. When he wakes from the injuries he suffered, he finds the most enchanting woman. Unfortunately for him, she is the sole survivor of the massacre he regrets, Agneta. She was taken in by the nuns when she was found alone and desolate at her home. He wants to take her with him when she leaves, but she hates him for the part he played in her family's demise. A year later he is fleeing the country he was raised in, and he arranges for them to marry. It's not exactly a happy marriage, there is attraction, but no forgiveness. Then he gets the shock of his life, and runs away to fight the Holy War. He finds family, and she discovers love and forgiveness. This fascinating story is part of a great series that I have enjoyed reading.
I received a complimentary copy of this book from the author. This is my honest and voluntary opinion of it.


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