Yearning by Ciana Stone

This is another intriguing story in the Legacy series. Beau Legacy is a reluctant shifter who lost the love of his life, Grace, by making a foolish mistake. Grace never forgot Beau. He was the most caring, kind hearted and loving person she had ever met, except fir when he cheated on her. That sent Grace running into marriage with Tad. 14 years later she finds out that he's cheating on her and she moves back to her hometown. The first time Beau and Grace see each other they know that they were still in love with the other. Grace finds that Beau is still the kind and loving person he was and fights to forgive him. Then Grace gets the shock of her life, Beau is a shifter. And she can't handle it. Light Fae must unite to defeat the Dark Fae, and Grace learns that life isn't always as it seems. This has a dramatic and engrossing storyline with amazing characters. It's captivating and amusing and entertaining. A must add to your TBR list.


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