Malady of The Heart by Emilee Harris

This is an interesting, entertaining and dramatic story. Gavin ended Mary have been best friends since childhood, and both ending up falling in love. Neither said anything because each of them were told in uncertain terms that a marriage between them would never be approved of. When Mary's oldest brother tells her that she is getting married, she tries running to Gavin. Meanwhile her twin talks Gavin into joining him onboard a ship as the doctor, which Gavin agrees to so that he doesn't have to see Mary with someone else. Mary enlists the help of a friend to get her to Gavin, but at the last second she bails, and tells Mary that it will be fine to go with just brother, Pembroke. Mary reluctantly goes, only to find her abandoned in a town in the opposite direction from where she should be. But Pembroke left behind a way for her to gain her independence, papers and clothing to disguise herself as a crew member on a ship. She absolutely did not want to marry, and she did know her way around a ship, so she went with that option. She does get discovered, and ends up in danger in France, but she has Gavin by her side. Unfortunately he is too honorable to just marry her, but not too honorable to bed her. Things get wildly crazy after that. This has a great storyline, but the writing, especially when it's people that have a Scottish accent, is not always understandable.
I received a complimentary copy of this book from the author. This is my honest and voluntary opinion of it.


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