Lord if The North Wind by Jayne Castel

This is an intriguing, suspenseful and gripping story. Flann is intense, honorable,  stubborn and strong. Osana is brave, resilient, vulnerable and timid. After Flann had his heart broken, he decides that he wants to become a monk, but the Prior wouldn't let him take the vows. Instead, he became a scriber, having his own hut to live in and more freedom than the monks. One day some men show up, and tell Flann that he's needed to rule Northumbria, and be known as King Aldfrith. He does his duty, with the usual troubles that any court has. Osana is wife to one of Aldfrith's ealdormen, she and Aldfrith were drawn to each other while she and her husband were visiting for Aldfrith's handfasting, but both ignore it. Two years later Osana's husband dies, and while paying his respects, he tells Osana that she would always be welcome to come to him if she needed protection. So when her former sister-in-law throws her out she goes to him. And the drama begins. The two of them trying to not be together, Aldfrith's cousin trying to steal the throne and other ambitious people playing games. It's a great story.


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