The Wayward Bride by Anna Bradley

This is romantic, amusing, heartwarming and entertaining. There's not just two people in love in this storyline, there are five. Hugh and Isla were not officially courting, but they fell in love as they danced and talked at balls, getting to know one another. Isla and Sydney are close friends. One night at a ball Isla requests that Sydney go with her to the library. The purpose was to catch a cheater in the act, but what happened was Isla got accused of luring Sydney there to force him into marrying her, he was accused of compromising her. As they left they began to hear the rumors, so when Hugh asks Sidney how Isla is, Sidney tells him that it was no longer his concern. When Isla writes to Hugh and asks him to let her explain, he tells her not to contact him anymore. So she agrees to the betrothal to Sydney. One day Isla gets lost during a storm and Hugh finds her. They end up having it out while she's stuck at his estate. The same day Sidney has a bad carriage accident, and meets Lucas. And they proceed to fall in love. But they can't be together because Sidney is engaged to Isla. Isla and Hugh can't marry because she and Sidney are engaged. And then there's Hugh's engagement. It's fascinating how things get so convoluted, yet love flourishes.
I received a complimentary copy of this book from Booksprout. This is my honest and voluntary opinion of it.


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