Foolish Games by Heather C. Myers

This is interesting, amusing and dramatic. Norman is cocky, snide, troubled and jack*ss movie star. Abby is outgoing, caring, stubborn and insecure. When Abby shows up at her job cleaning a house she expects the house to be empty, but it's not, there's a man in the bathroom she goes into taking a bath. They accuse each other of trespassing and demand the other get out, then they finally figure out that they both belong there. Norman is amazed because Abby just stood in the bathroom arguing with him, she was not fazed by who he was, or even that he was naked. Abby loved him as an actor, thought he was good looking and all, but wasn't gaga over him. And then she decidedly disliked him when he opened his mouth. Never the less, she finds herself drawn to him, even though she has a boyfriend, and he's engaged. Norman is drawn to her too, she's vivacious, she's naturally beautiful and she doesn't think that he's anything special. They fall in love with each other, but both refuse to break off their relationships. For him it's because he's a loser with no balls, her because she doesn't believe that he could really love her when he's engaged to a supermodel. They fight feelings and each other til the very end. I lost all sympathy and respect for him at the end because of what he was doing, but before that I liked him. And Abby was personable but entirely too stubborn.


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