From The Mist by Alexa Dare

This is a captivating, suspenseful and thrilling story that has non stop action and drama from start to finish. Everett is bold, daring, tough, determined, protective and charming. Megan is smart, brave, talented and strong. Megan is transported through time by a strange mist and finds herself being chased by men and dogs. When she literally runs into Everett, the spark between them is irresistible and he fights off her pursuers. They end up separated, but he tracks her down and steals her away to his ship. The adventure really gets intense from there, and so does their attraction. The story is so good that I couldn't put it down. This should be on your TBR list at the top.
I received a complimentary copy of this book from APX Elite Reviewer. This is my honest and voluntary opinion of it.


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