No Dukes Allowed by Grace Burrowes, Kelly Bolen and Anna Harrington

The Architect of My Dreams
This is a warm, romantic and sweet story. Adam is charming, unpretentious and irresistible. Genie is sweet, kind and generous. They have a unique and special relationship that leaves you all warm and fuzzy inside. It's a must read story that belongs on your TBR list.

The Pursuit of Happiness
This is an entertaining and suspenseful story. Oliver is honorable, stubborn and kind. Diana is caring, loyal and honorable. Having been in love with each other for years, neither is happy that Oliver is to marry their friend Hannah, but he won't break off the engagement, that would not be an honorable thing to do. But Hannah has her own reasons for not wanting to marry Oliver. Oliver also needs to find his missing sister, and deal with the consequences that required her to flee London. What happened to the man who ruined his sister was brilliant and inspired. It's a satisfying and enjoyable story that I couldn't put down.

The Double Duchess
This is a of love, sacrifice and regret. Max is a noble, caring and dedicated man. Belinda is kind, generous and determined woman. He sacrificed their love for her to have a better life, but now that they have a second chance, and he will do anything to get her and keep her. Belinda believes that he used her ten years earlier, and he wants her to keep thinking that, which makes it hard to get her to trust him again. Being on opposing sides of an issue that is dear to both of them makes it very difficult for Max to gain her trust, add to that a man who wants her for himself, and there is plenty of drama and tears. And the solution to their problems is bittersweet. And as much as Max tries to be the unbending military man, he's really a nice guy underneath all the bluster.
I received a complimentary copy of this book from the author. This is my honest and voluntary opinion of it.


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