Highland Valiance by Fiona McKellar

This is a romantic, enchanting and brilliant set of books. All the characters and storylines are interesting and entertaining, the hero's and heroine's are likeable, engaging and strong.

Held By The Highlander
This is an engaging story that captures your attention from page one. Regina is spunky, smart, tough and entertaining. Alasdair is intriguing, he's a softie who has a hardness to him also. The Laird is very confusing, you can't tell how he really feels sometimes. And Michael is just plain creepy. I loved this story, it was hard to put down, and got better as it went.

Pursued By The Shadow Knight
This is an action packed, romantic and gripping story. Sandy is determined, stubborn, bold and caring. Maigrait is brave, kind and gentle. After confronting the people who can finally send his nemesis after him, Sandy finds himself with their prisoner. She just followed him out of the keep. He agrees to bring her home, but then later sends her off with an acquaintance. When he is finally able to have it out with his nemesis, a shocking turn of events happens. This was such a good story, Sandy captures your heart without trying, and Maigrait earns the respect she deserves.

Her Father's Protector
This is an exciting, dramatic and suspenseful story. It was brilliant right up until the end. The end is shocking and leaves important questions unanswered. Camy is a mild mannered, stoic young lady. Mathou is a smart, brave and mysterious. It's a very different kind of story, and it captured my complete attention.

The Lady's Smile
This is a quick, dramatic and entertaining story. Gelis takes offense to Tom from the start, but he slowly makes his way into her heart. Situations keep presenting themselves for Tom to save Gelis, but she resents it. It takes a tragedy for her to realize how she really feels, but it takes longer for her to give in gracefully.

Highland Abby
This is a dramatic and interesting story. Glenn is a selfish, pompous and sneaky dog. Sarah is naive, sweet and hard working. Benjamin is sweet, shy and caring. Tess is bold, naive and stubborn. While Glenn is supposedly wooing Sarah, he's secretly in cahoots with her landlord. Tess is doing everything she can to try and capture Glenn's attention. And Benjamin is on the edge of things, making sure that neither his sister, nor Sarah gets hurt by Glenn. The ending is unexpected, but very sweet and romantic.

I received a complimentary copy of this book from the author. This is my honest and voluntary opinion of it.


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