The Best Laid Wedding Plans by Lynnette Austin

I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. Jenni Beth is moving back home to Misty Bottoms from Savannah to help her parents take care of their home, Magnolia House. They never recovered from losing their son Wes to war, and Jenni Beth ran back to Savannah as soon as the funeral was over, and now they needed help in order to keep the family home. So Jenni Beth decides to open a destination wedding business. She would do all the planning, and have the weddings at the familys plantation home. She ends up running into her brothers best friend, Cole, a man she has been in love with since she was a teenager, and he offers to help her fix up the house, which needs a lot of work in order to be a place that people would want to come get married at. Cole and Jenni Beth had a one night stand years ago, and he had bailed on her when he was supposed to take her to prom, so she has a trust issue with him. As Magnolia House gets fixed up, Jenni Beth and Coles relationship builds. And just for a twist there is an unscrupulous bank manager who wants Jenni Beth to default on her loan so that he can have the land that she used for collateral for the loan she took out for the house. It's a good story with some characters that are very likable, and some not so much. I enjoyed everything about this book and highly recommend it.


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