The SEALs Contract Baby by Leslie North and Katie Knight

This is romantic, steamy and entertaining. Z is tough, protective and caring. Es is stubborn, determined, bold and responsible. Z is temporarily loaned to the royal family after a SEAL mission went bad, he's just biding his time until he is reinstated to his team. While in the US guarding Es, she comes up with a plan to keep the crown in her line after her sick father dies, because as a woman, she is not allowed to rule. She needed to have a son, and a temporary husband. She found Z intriguing and she admired him, so she offered him a quicker way back to the SEALs if he got her pregnant and married her. After a year they would divorce and she would raise the baby alone. Z was worried about the political fallout if she could not accomplish that, so he agreed. Neither was expecting the feelings having sex brought on, and the longer they were together, the more intense and real their feelings became. I loved them as a couple.

I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.


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