Saved By The Scoundrel by Rose Pearson

This is an entertaining, sweet and interesting story. Brandeis is a complete cad in the beginning, but he has good reason for it, and under his ugly behavior he's actually just a hurt and lonely man. Caroline is a hard working, quiet and kind woman. After treating her badly, Brandeis apologizes, then begs for her to help him with his family when he goes to his brother's wedding. She agrees and they and her brother go to the wedding. She gradually loses her heart to him as she sees how his family treats him, and even though she agrees with much of what they say, and tells him so, he starts to behave the way he should, and starts to see her as the kind and gentle person she is. He's not always the most likable person, and she's sometimes cold and unfeeling, but they grow on you as they each learn who they are.


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