A Stone In The Sea by A.L. Jackson

This is a great really story. It's full of angst, mystery, suspense, drama, secrets and love. Baz is a hurt, angry, loyal man. Shea is sweet, loving and vulnerable. The moment their eyes meet they are helplessly drawn to each other and begin to fight it, neither wants a relationship. But they are so good together, she sees in him everything good that he doesn't see, and he sees in her a chance to be himself, not Sunder lead singer Baz, just plain Baz. It's an engrossing story, at times it's sad but mostly it's heartwarming.
Now the bad. 1) DO NOT START THIS UNLESS YOU ARE READING THE NEXT BOOK IMMEDIATELY AFTERWARDS, cause this one leaves you hanging during a very traumatic event. 2) The repeating things 3 times gets old quickly. 3) And my pet peeve with authors is when I need to add the words I, You or others to the beginning of a sentence because they don't refer to which character the sentence is about, and this author does it so much that it gets annoying and takes away from the book.


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