I Need A Bad Boy by Various Authors

This book was gifted to me. The first story, Bad Patient, is pretty good It drags some, but that doesn't take away from the story. It is very entertaining. The second story, Adrenaline Rush, is all over the place, hard to follow and not written well. I really never understood what the storyline was supposed to be. The third story, Billionaire Bad Boy, is very good, but it leaves you hanging. It draws you in so you're engrossed in the story and then ends abruptly. The fourth story, Vengeance, is intriguing and entertaining, but the dialogue is not always great. The fifth story, Dangerous, is a very enticing story. The more you read, the more you get drawn in. Blaine is fascinating, it's hard to know exactly how to feel about him. He is an arrogant jerk and a killer, but his vulnerability some how redeems him. Mira is strong because she has to be, but deep inside is still the little girl who ran away from her psychotic father. Both are products of their families just struggling to survive. Forced to marry, they hate each other, but little by little they start to care. Even though it's about a disturbing subject, it's not a dark story, it's kinda sweet love story. The sixth story, Cursed, is a sweet, suspenseful and romantic thriller. The characters are very personable and entertaining. It's a great read. The seventh story, Bought, is a wild tale of failed revenge. Theo is a very complex character, Lara is naive for a grown woman. The storyline is engrossing and entertaining. The eighth story, Dirty Works, is a humorous second chance love story. The characters are sweet and the storyline is entertaining. The ninth story, The Billionaire and The Con Artist, is a well written, romantic and entertaining. The dynamics between Axel and April are fascinating and fun, I loved both of them. The tenth story, One Date, is the beginning of a very good storyline. But it leaves you hanging just before it gets good. This is a great story with interesting and highly entertaining characters.


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