The Montcrieff Collection by Charlotte Darcy

I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. The Earl's Forbidden Love (Adam and Grace) is a sweet story about defying society that is well written with likable characters and a romantic storyline. It's captivating and enjoyable. Betrothed To The Earl’s Brother (Benjamin and Emily) is a knight in shining armor story with characters to both love and hate. It will make you laugh amidst the sadness and cruelty. I love this series so far. Saving The Lord’s Pregnant Wife (Jerome and Lucy) is a story about an abused Lucy and Jerome's frantic search for a way to save her and her child from more abuse. It's a sad story, but full of love and hope. The Broken Promise (Hugh and Lizzie) is a quick drama filled story with sweet characters and a lot of humor. It was interesting and entertaining and enjoyable. Saving the Lady’s Honor (Jasper and Rebecca) is a drama and mystery filled story about second chance love. I can't say that I really like Rebecca, but I did like Jasper a lot. The storyline was interesting though. Redeeming the Earl’s Brother (Gerard and Ariadne) is a good wrap up storyline that brings the reader and characters full circle. It's touching and sweet and hopeful. And a great way to end the Montcrieff family saga. Some conversations between the brothers are worded more like how women would speak, and there are a lot of I says. But it's only mildly distracting. All in all it's an interesting series.


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