The Stolen Bride by Brenda Joyce

I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. What a tear inducing rollercoaster this is. Sean's story is heart-wrenching and horrific, and he makes you want to put your arms around him and make all the pain go away. Which is what Eleanor tries to do. She's waited for his love her whole life, and waited for his return for 4 years. Then she gives up waiting on him, finally deciding it's time to move on and she agrees to marry Peter, who has got to be the nicest guy ever. But Sean does finally come back, just not for her. He's leaving for America and comes to say goodbye. I loved this book, even if it did make me cry every couple of pages or so. The story draws you in so completely and is so intense that it's really hard to decide what you want to happen.


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