Brave The Heat by Sara Humphreys

I received an advanced copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. Gavin and Jordan were HS lovers until she up and left without a word, breaking Gavins heart. 15 years later she shows up in town again. Gavin is angry because she left and never tried to contact him, and Jordan is angry because of things he said and because he was already with someone new when she called her friend to find out how he was about a week after she left. Jordan decided to move on with her life, so she got married and had 2 kids. It turned out the guy she married was a real jerk so she divorced him. Soon after that Jordan found out her abusive father was dying. Jordan packed up her kids and went home. When Gavin and Jordan see each other again, old hurts and anger come rushing to the surface, but so does the love. As they struggle to come to terms with the past and their feelings for each other, outside forces conspire to keep them at odds. There is a firebug in town setting fires and all the firefighters lives are in danger. Jordan father dies and leaves her with mixed emotions. This is a sweet, funny, sexy and intense story that leaves you laughing, happy, crying, and angry. Definitely a 5 star book. And I can't wait to read about Gavins brothers.


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